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Interview Questions

Interview questions range from the standard to the extreme. The style of question posed to you will depend on a variety of things such as the company culture, the interviewer, or the vacancy itself. Below is a breakdown of questions you may face and should be prepared to answer:


1)     What is your main accomplishment to date? Can you explain what you did to achieve this? How did you plan this? What did you do? Who did you involve? What were the outcomes?
2)     What are your 3 key achievements? Why do you think this? Where have you used these in a professional environment?
3)     Tell me about your strengths. Can you give me a specific example of where you’ve used these in a professional environment? What did you learn?
4)     What are your 3 main strengths? Why do you think these are your strengths?
5)     What are your 3 main weaknesses? Why do you think these are your weaknesses?
6)     Describe a time when you were successful. What did you do? Who did you involve? What were the challenges? What were the results? What did you learn?
7)     How do you overcome problems, challenges?
8)     Can you give us an example of where you’ve overcome a problem? What did you do? How did you achieve this? What did you learn?
9)     Where do you want to be in 10 years from now?
10)   Do you handle conflict well? Give me an example from the past 12 months where you’ve had to handle a situation involving…
11)   What motivates you? 

Your Career:

1)     Tell me about your current/previous job. What does/did it entail? What are/were your key duties? What do/did you enjoy about this job?
2)     Why do you want to leave your current job?
3)     What achievements are you most proud of in your current/previous position? What did you learn from this?
4)     Why did you choose this career?
5)     How do you plan your work? Give me an example where…
6)     How do you prioritise your work? Give me an example where…
7)     What are your short-term goals?
8)     What are your long-term goals?
9)     How would your boss describe you? Why would he/she describe you like this?
10)   Are you a good team player? Can you tell me where you’ve played a key role within a team? What did you do? What were the outcomes?
11)   Are you self-motivated? Have you worked in an isolated environment? What were the outcomes?
12)   What qualities do you think makes a successful employee/manager? Can you tell me why you think this?
13)   Why do you want to work for our company?
14)   What’s your understanding of our industry? Do you know our competitors?
15)   What salary are you seeking?
16)   Are you willing to travel/relocate?

Your Education:

1)     What did you study at College/University?
2)     Why did you decide that course?
3)     What was your biggest achievement at University?
4)     How would your Tutor describe you?
5)     What were your favourite classes?
6)     Did you enjoy doing the extra hours of homework and study?
7)     Do you plan to undertake further education?

Some final thoughts before you enter an interview:

1)     Never put yourself down as you have to highlight the positives and benefits you bring to the role.
2)     Pause before answering.
3)     Speak slowly (nervousness encourages gabbling!)
4)     Give only relevant information.
5)     Don’t ramble or be vague.
6)     Try to speak clearly and positively.
7)     Don’t be afraid to leave a silence if you have said all you want to say.
8)     The interviewer will often wait to encourage you to say more.
9)     Be sincere.
10)   Don’t be afraid of humour – but don’t over-do it.
11)   Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you did not understand the question.
12)   If unemployed or redundant (or if this is your 50th interview) try not to appear aggressive or demoralised even if that’s how you feel.
13)   Not all interviewers are good so you may need to create opportunities to get your points across.
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